About Us
A tipsy idea after much pinot noir, “could we turn an old horse box into a mobile bar?”
Months of hard work, some sweat and near tears, we are proud to announce The Pickled Pony is here!
From Coffee’s to Booze and a full license too boot, we ‘canter’ all events and can bespoke them to suit

In August 2016 The Pickled Pony was born! Our quirky mobile Prosecco, Cocktail and Coffee Bar was a previously loved Rice Beaufort Horse Box, it’s been given a new lease of life and is now on a mission To create a unique environment for gathering, grazing and Celebration.vol

The Pickled Pony was created out of our love of all things quirky, thinking outside the “horse” box and our love of a good tipple. Providing friendly professional service, unique bespoke drinks along with some favorite classics with a Pickled Pony twist!

We canter for Private functions, Weddings, Markets or corporate events, The Pickled Pony will add something special and unique to any occasion.

We can adjust our Reins to suit your needs, let us muck together to create your perfect event. The Pickled Pony is more than a bar, it’s an experience, there is nothing Lame about this Pony!
We are fully licensed, tell us your requirements and we will do the rest!

We have created a trough of our favorite beverages however our drinks options are completely flexible. We work with you to come up with your perfect menu and will saddle our Pony to suit your event!

Stabled in the North West of England  we expect a shower or two now and a then, the Pickled Pony is equipped with two sheltered seating and areas to keep your herds dry  

We are fully mobile and can trot almost anywhere in the Country. There are a number of packages and bespoke options available, if our current packages do not meet your needs don’t have a stirrup! just let us know, we’ll do some hoofing around to create the perfect bespoke package just for you. Contact us via email or phone and we will start creating your event.

Bucking The Pickled Pony to attend your event will give your guests a special  & unique experience that will leave them Happy as a Pickled Pony


Contact Us

Facebook: @thepickledponyuk
Phone: 079 687 70491